Welcome Abode!

  Ladies & Gentlemen, kindly loosen up the belts of stereotypical thoughts & the normal stead-fast perceptions . The blog that you're about  to enter may have certain ideologies which are above the rest. Some will be shocking! While some may appear  bizarre! Or can be a totally unique ideology! The journey  to the “alternate … Continue reading Welcome Abode!

Warning: Gadget Overdose!

Alright, so by the title itself you can understand what this post is going to be about. Bingo! So here it goes:  Technology boom has ensured to a great extent that our lives and gadgets ought to be inseparable. Anything and everything you do - you must need a gadget. Even for reading my blog … Continue reading Warning: Gadget Overdose!

The Sob Story of Heart Breaks

Yes, heart breaks are hurtful. It does pain. Maybe more than being bumped into a light pole. And when it happens out of the blue... it strikes you way more than the 440 watts the same pole is carrying! Funny? Sadly it’s true. Heart breaks are often followed by a sob story. All your emotions … Continue reading The Sob Story of Heart Breaks

The Doomsday of the 21st Century

Date: 21.12.2012 Time: 11:57 A.M. I Will Survive: A Note From The Survivor of the Dooms Day Excerpts: I write this note in my full conscience self, and am glad to be alive while writing this post set amidst my everyday routine life. As predicted by the Mayans- centuries ago- regarding the World coming to an end … Continue reading The Doomsday of the 21st Century


11,000!!! Yes! This humble blog of mine has received past 11,000 visitors & the feeling is enormous! So let me take this opportunity to thank all those wonderful people who landed on my blog and gave such a significant number. A BIG Thank You! Started in December of 2009, the three years of on-off writing … Continue reading A Big THANK YOU To All…

Survival Without Smart Phones, Possible!

 Please Note:  This is a concluded part of the series. You can read the previous part here>>> PART 1   Day 4 – Observations :  As I approach the end of my ever-think mind’s devilish mission, I come to accept some serious facts – that survival, no in fact- a happy survival does await you without … Continue reading Survival Without Smart Phones, Possible!