Welcome Abode!


Ladies & Gentlemen, kindly loosen up the belts of stereotypical thoughts & the normal stead-fast perceptions . The blog that you’re about  to enter may have certain ideologies which are above the rest.

"Durraiya's Blog Ever Thinking Mind"
Ever Thinking Mind…

Some will be shocking! While some may appear  bizarre! Or can be a totally unique ideology!

The journey  to the “alternate thoughts” thus begins, which are either never thought of, or if thought upon never really discussed and/or are just brushed past.

Nothing too complicated, nothing too simple, just some unusual thoughts bringing out different perceptions of common , every-day subject, things or people.  The creativity of thoughts bound by some supportive facts are presented to you for pleasure reading and  for some; stimulating their neurons.

Hope you enjoy reading about a world with a few twists from a curious & ever thinking mind! 😉



4 thoughts on “Welcome Abode!

  1. Okkkkkkkkkkk……….champ bring it on……so so so eager to read them…..sounds pretty interesting n honestly a bit scary 🙂

  2. Amazing photography…great work…damn u always always leave me speechless but can i tell u…everytym u make everyone’s wait completely worthwhile 😀 😀 😀

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