Take That Leap

Close your eyes and take the jump,

Feel the flight or fear the fall.

Embrace and experience what is about to come,

Take the leap; accept that is all.

What lies ahead is a mystery,

What is left behind was history.

Thank and apologize for what it is

Only yours is will, plan is HIS.

'Leap of faith_durraiya'sblog'
Take That Leap

What came and went, was a part of the plan,

The fall could be deep or right on the land.

Flights have been made and will be made,

You will get through with some or no aid.

Hard winds will be blown,

Mightiest of the suns have shone.

Go– run and make a way for it anyway,

Make the most of this glorious day.

For it’s not the distance or the speed,

It’s all about your will and the deed.

To Do It, To Achieve It and The Victory,

But more about the Self-Discovery!


5 thoughts on “Take That Leap

  1. Classy yaar durri.. such a deep thought.. hats off..
    I am in the awe of this poetry..
    Its like really really wow :-*

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