The Sob Story of Heart Breaks

Yes, heart breaks are hurtful. It does pain. Maybe more than being bumped into a light pole.

And when it happens out of the blue… it strikes you way more than the 440 watts the same pole is carrying! Funny? Sadly it’s true.

Heart breaks are often followed by a sob story. All your emotions are out there in open. For everyone to see. You feel vulnerable. Exposed! Try to hide it as much as you can, but if it’s happened big time- do what you can- you can’t fake it with that plastic smile.

Heart Break & It's Sob Story
Heart Break & It’s Sob Story

I’m not mentioning about the heartbreaks that are based on the relationships that start with the sun rise and end by the very first ray of the next morning. But the kind of relations… that have seen many such sunrises and sunsets together. Seen many seasons pass-by… together.

The moment hits way harder when you realize that how having the presence of someone is almost indispensable in your life. Almost taking it for granted. Valuing, caring, appreciating … are the elements we suddenly realize, if were used appropriately would have made  a huge difference. Yes, used by whom- will always remain debatable. Yet, if it were used in the right amounts the loss would have been averted. The world is flipped. All that you can think of is…Why? What? Why me? What went wrong? Why didn’t I see it coming? What was the reason? (Hope we are not humming the popular song- ‘Why did you break my heart?’

Answer these questions as many times as you would like to, they’ll remain unanswerable. Indecipherable.  And maybe forever…


Your inner will speaks up to come out of the dark. Probing you, mocking you and your despair! When even the sob story tells you.. “Hey, you’ve cried over me like a million times! Go get some fun.” Till your WHYs and WHATs ask you “why are you taking this? , what is your problem?”.

And from this moment… you have two choices. Go deeper OR come out stronger!

The choice you make is what will give a conclusion to your sob story. A stronger you or a sadist you. By all means, the choice you make and the events that will follow them are never going to be a piece of cake. Every time you’ll try to come out, it will give you a million reasons to still stay…in the dark and continue being a victim.

But that’s what it is about. Rather than crying over the same sob story… have a different one 😉 Till you have no reason to sob over heart breaks!

And when several years later you’ll turn back and examine your so called sob story, you’ll laugh out loud for sure. When realizing how heart breaks are magnified by movies, novels and other over-exaggerated stories. As for Bollywood movies… nothing can beat them. (Confession: I like Bollywood movies- but certain movies and the pain they portray…are just …I’m speechless).

Repaired Heart
Repaired Heart

So go out and sob over that heart breaking story of yours.  Bottling up will not help and over doing will also not. And don’t forget – Nothing lasts forever!  So why the pain and the helpless feeling? The same person may not come around again but the one who will, will be worth being with. 🙂 A repaired heart may have its scars but also a reminder of who you really are!


3 thoughts on “The Sob Story of Heart Breaks

  1. Wowww…woww…wowww
    Its really very beautiful how you’ve taken the deepest darkest feelings and showed a positive side to them…loved your creativity…loved your imagination and I know I might have said this a million times but yet again…..u left me speechless

    Clap Clap Clap….Durraiya Hasta your a true rockstar!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Well babes I totally agree with ur blog but to over-come frm d true love is really tough thing…bt if v ve good friends n sister like u as i ve one,then it would be really easy thing to over come frm such lovely relationship called true love….n duggs u really rock babes,i liked it n will be waiting for more blogs like thiss……….:-)

  3. I agree with u durri.. its so positive.. and so true!! The last part is cherry on the cake..
    Being hopeful !!! And coming out stronger the other side 🙂

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