Warning: Gadget Overdose!

Alright, so by the title itself you can understand what this post is going to be about. Bingo! So here it goes:  Technology boom has ensured to a great extent that our lives and gadgets ought to be inseparable. Anything and everything you do – you must need a gadget. Even for reading my blog post either you’re using a mobile device or a computer. We humans are surrounded, submerged and well at times; even substituted by gadgets.
The other day I and a friend were talking about fitness. (Well that’s a big concern as you’re leaving 20’s and are inching towards 30!) The conversation came down to Fitbit – a gadget /monitoring tool that measures everything – how much you run, walk, sleep, eat, heartbeats, etc! It’s like having a coach to you minus paying a huge sum!!! Innovative, incredible yet insane. [I know it’s nothing new and many of you’re already using it]

No Life Without FitBit
No Life Without FitBit

I was baffled! I mean come on do we now need a gadget to even understand what’s happening inside our own bodies? Do I really need to rely on a Fitbit to determine whether I slept 6 or 10 hours and what works for me? I understand, with technology comes accuracy but not when it’s my own body and I can sense well what’s happening with it. I’ve lived all my life sans a gadget telling me I ate 100 calories or 1000 calories; for my belly has been quite receptive in telling me when I was full and when I needed more. What my other fear is that once we get habituated to a gadget telling me what’s best for my body and well being, I’ll be solely dependent on it and will ignore the signs my body gives out. And that beyond a point would be disastrous!!!

Mind you, I am not against gadgets. I am quite technologically sound and abreast of latest ones, but my only concern is overdoing it. Our generation and the next are going to be highly dependent than the generations gone by. And realistically speaking, history stands a testament that they not only survived but lived a fuller and a healthier life without gadgets. Technology does help, for e.g. The Fit Bit surely seems a super idea for heart patients or elderly – monitoring their pulse rate, blood pressure. But let’s limit the use of gadgets to when necessary and not to just about every time. No offense to the Fitbit fanatics – my purpose was to only outline the connect with our natural selves than be dependent on technology.

Isn’t Fitbit about not being lazy and being active – so why can’t we be actively listening to our bodies than lazily depend on an external source? Gadgets are definitely time-savers but they’re stealing us of mindfulness. No wonder there’s a high no. of depression cases than ever. We’re all so connected yet truly never.
So is being

Gadget Overdose!
Gadget Overdose!

a gadget loaded person the real way to survive? Tough, no? Even if the answer is negative momentarily, tomorrow it will boil down to “never mind, in the end how much ever you avoid you’d be unable to – for we all are living so wired up, so much virtually connected that the world feels like a technological farm with a gadget here and a gadget there; and heck yeah a gadget just about everywhere!”




One thought on “Warning: Gadget Overdose!

  1. Wow….hearing from you after a real long time feels great & I completely agree the madness technology is bringing with itself, now a days it’s easier to talk to someone on whatsapp then in person, we are ever ready to smile for a selfie but to busy to smile for alm the little things life has to offer us

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