Classic… is surely timeless!

Yes, I’m an avid reader. Give me books and it makes me thoroughly happy! However, off late I realized I’d been a rather amateur reader revolving mostly in the world of Sidney Sheldon’s, Jeffrey Archer’s and M&Bs (not that these aren’t a good read, but after about 9 books by each of these, it becomes monotonous and well… quite predictable!) Hence, I decided it’s high-time to jump up a few notches in IMG_20160529_152445my selection of authors. And what better way to expand my literally senses than to read up some Classic Literature! Thus, I went ahead gifting myself a few books as my Christmas present.

It’s been almost 5 months since then. Just last night I completed my 4th classic book. (I know, I come across as a slow reader, but that’s really not the case) And believe me; I feel as if I stumbled upon a Pandora of great literature! Authors like Agatha Christie, Harper Lee, Ernest Hemingway and Chinua Achebe simply captivated me in their respective worlds of fiction. These books were written and published several decades back; (the oldest I read was published almost 60 years back!)  yet the characters felt close to home. Honestly speaking, I’m a novice when it comes to such literally experts; but still can’t resist from commending on their writing style, plot build-up and character descriptions. Each of these four books; left me with distinctive experiences, unique thoughts and simply amazed! From Agatha‘s mystery to Ernest’s adventure to Chinua’s intricate exploration of Umuofia to Harper‘s perception of the society by a 10year old; absorbed you back in time, in the plot and kept you glued till the end.

No wonder these books form a part of the classic collection of modern American literature and how rightly so. Because even across generations, decades, and geographies these remar-IMG_20160529_152611kable pieces of writing have the magic to connect with you and take you on an exceptional ride of thoughts. Maybe, the times have changed; but what remains intact or rather similar; is the human spirit. The human spirit’s quest of solving a mind boggling mystery,

the sheer perseverance of a human to hold on to a gripping adventure, the insecurities of failure and fight for a better future, the struggle to overcome prejudices of the society. This will remain and rightly continue to …for a human spirit so well captured and emulated by these renowned authors…remains timeless!


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