The Only Choice

untitled-1To accept the way I am
is the only choice you got, damn!

I’m not a dream nor a destiny,
Neither chiselled out of stone nor ebony.
No stars in my eyes, no intoxicating highs
No magical starts; let alone the bittersweet goodbyes

There’s no promise of the world, let alone of ‘morrow
Happiness is a farce, welcome to the land of sorrow.
It’s dark, dangerous and scary,
The demons are out and it’s a big worry.

But when I stand it’ll be by you
When you fall, I’ll be by you.
Today, is where you’ll find me
No matter what, you can’t lose the sight of me.

A silent hug to calm your storming mind
Come to me, I’ll heal wounds of any kind.
Every breath of ours together no less than a story
Why care? Let the conclusion be a mystery.

So fierce – no short of fire blazing
Don’t question if it gets you dazing.
Once in, enjoy or simply despise it
The lone way out is to ride it.

For to accept the way I am,
is the only choice you got, damn!


One thought on “The Only Choice

  1. These are the thoughts that every woman hides in her mind but never has the courge to say it out loud…thanks for giving a voice to all those feelings!!!

    You’re amazing!!! 👏👏😍

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