The Only Choice

A poem that describes a female's coming of age. It's not about accepting the dark but the plain white truth.


Musing about love

It's a night to ponder; a night to wonder. On what love will bet and what love will get? A night full of dreams, a night full of tears. Will this night be different or swift into like any other? Love said: "Love me, live me, cherish me." Did it promise to love back or … Continue reading Musing about love

Night-Light to my life…

I lived in a house full of light… I was happy and my world felt free… And at night the sky would shine so bright… Oh! This was getting better than it ever could be.     The night the Moon shone dimly… Reflected what fate had it in store for me… It took a back flip unknowingly… … Continue reading Night-Light to my life…