The Doomsday of the 21st Century

Date:¬†21.12.2012 Time: 11:57 A.M. I Will Survive: A Note From The¬†Survivor of the Dooms Day Excerpts: I write this note in my full conscience self, and am glad to be alive while writing this post set amidst my everyday routine life. As predicted by the Mayans- centuries ago- regarding the World coming to an end … Continue reading The Doomsday of the 21st Century


Happy In-Dependence Day!!

Happy Independence Day !! 15th August, 2010. 63 years after India attained its independence from the British Raj. Yes... we are all proud on this day and are glad to be a part of this memorial year my fellow patriotic Indians!!! No sooner had the clock struck 12, the messages started pouring in, stating facts … Continue reading Happy In-Dependence Day!!