The Only Choice

A poem that describes a female's coming of age. It's not about accepting the dark but the plain white truth.


The Sob Story of Heart Breaks

Yes, heart breaks are hurtful. It does pain. Maybe more than being bumped into a light pole. And when it happens out of the blue... it strikes you way more than the 440 watts the same pole is carrying! Funny? Sadly it’s true. Heart breaks are often followed by a sob story. All your emotions … Continue reading The Sob Story of Heart Breaks

The Doomsday of the 21st Century

Date: 21.12.2012 Time: 11:57 A.M. I Will Survive: A Note From The Survivor of the Dooms Day Excerpts: I write this note in my full conscience self, and am glad to be alive while writing this post set amidst my everyday routine life. As predicted by the Mayans- centuries ago- regarding the World coming to an end … Continue reading The Doomsday of the 21st Century

Before time runs out…

Hello!!! Wishing you the most pleasant hour of the day! I hope it is so when you reading this post, because I cannot narrow down to what period of the day you are reading this, but am sure it has to be pleasant because you chose to read my blog over many other things ! … Continue reading Before time runs out…