Warning: Gadget Overdose!

Alright, so by the title itself you can understand what this post is going to be about. Bingo! So here it goes:  Technology boom has ensured to a great extent that our lives and gadgets ought to be inseparable. Anything and everything you do - you must need a gadget. Even for reading my blog … Continue reading Warning: Gadget Overdose!


The Doomsday of the 21st Century

Date: 21.12.2012 Time: 11:57 A.M. I Will Survive: A Note From The Survivor of the Dooms Day Excerpts: I write this note in my full conscience self, and am glad to be alive while writing this post set amidst my everyday routine life. As predicted by the Mayans- centuries ago- regarding the World coming to an end … Continue reading The Doomsday of the 21st Century

Survival Without Smart Phones, Possible!

 Please Note:  This is a concluded part of the series. You can read the previous part here>>> PART 1   Day 4 – Observations :  As I approach the end of my ever-think mind’s devilish mission, I come to accept some serious facts – that survival, no in fact- a happy survival does await you without … Continue reading Survival Without Smart Phones, Possible!

Survival Without Smart Phones, Possible?

I request you to follow the sign so as to enjoy reading this post uninterrupted! Honestly, what are your primary reactions to this sign? Neglect, worry or panic. Whichever it may be, there’s nothing to be ashamed of as many of us share mutual feelings. For nowadays, it has become next to impossible to survive … Continue reading Survival Without Smart Phones, Possible?

Before time runs out…

Hello!!! Wishing you the most pleasant hour of the day! I hope it is so when you reading this post, because I cannot narrow down to what period of the day you are reading this, but am sure it has to be pleasant because you chose to read my blog over many other things ! … Continue reading Before time runs out…